Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sunshine Sandwich

I'm writing reports .. writing reports and gardening .. and being distracted again by the sun. I'll be back tomorrow .. or Monday, when the rain clouds roll in, but for now, have this sandwich.

It's great. Tomato, fresh pesto and mild a Canadian goat cheese. It's the perfect gardening snack.

Oh, and you should have a coffee too .. in fact, have a couple of coffees. See you Monday!

Cake Town Cafe: americano, mocha and cappuccino .. good coffee, but stroller-saturated
Hula Girl: latte, cappuccino and americano .. nice west-end adventure
Sense Appeal: Ethiopian Sidomo americano (you can choose three kinds!), Fresh press of the day and cappuccino .. good coffee but scary environment ..


  1. I'm not a huge fan of goat's cheese, but I love the pesto/tomato combination. I can't think of a better sandwich, actually!

  2. thanks ursula! if you're not into goat cheese, i'm sure something like a fresh mozzarella would be a nice substitute. :)