Monday, March 22, 2010

Back on Schedule

Any teacher will tell you that gearing up for the first day back to school after a break is difficult. You never sleep well on Sunday night because you've had way too much sleep in the last few days and you're always thinking about how fast your holiday went by. But, that same teacher will tell you that after the first hour of being back in the classroom and surrounded by children, that it will feel like you never left. And today was no exception. All day Sunday, I dreaded the sound that my alarm clock would make the next morning, and I spent a good few hours moping around, wishing that March break had just started and not just finished. But, once I got to school, I started feeling better. Once I saw the children lined up outside, ready to come into the classroom, I felt a little better still. And once my first class said "Bonjour" to me in unison, I felt like I had never left.

For me, there is something wonderful about routine; knowing where I need to be at what time, and carrying out tasks that challenge me, but at the same time comfort me by making me feel like I have a place in my life. However, there are two very specific things that I MUST have before my weekday can begin: an intense cardio workout, and a smoothie. I'll spare you the details of my workout (let's just say it always end with sweat!), but I will tell you more about the smoothie.

I guess you don't really need a recipe for a smoothie -- it's pretty straightforward and easy to change to suit your tastes and needs, but I thought I'd post one anyway, just in case there are any smoothie-making virgins out there that need some reassurance. I've read some smoothie recipes that include protein powder (which I can't stand), and others where you have to juice things first; my smoothie isn't nearly as complicated: it's simple, refreshing and a wonderful way to nourish my body before kicking up a storm on the elliptical trainer. Back in the day when I used to read a lot about nutrition, I found out that liquids meals are good to have before a workout because your body doesn't have to waste time digesting -- the nutrition goes straight to your blood stream and prevents you from passing out on the cardio machine. Since I also can't stand meal replacement shakes, smoothies were my natural choice. I hope they will be yours too!

Mixed Fruit Smoothie for Two

1 banana, chopped
1 orange, peeled, segmented and chopped
1 handful of frozen mixed berries
1/4 cup plain, skim milk yogurt (or use your favourite flavour)
skim milk
orange juice

1. Put all the chopped fruit and yogurt in a blender.
2. Cover with juice and milk -- the ratio is up to you. If you like it sweeter, use more juice than milk.
3. Blend until frothy and smooth (although my favourite part might be getting the chunks of orange that escaped the blender blades).
4. Share with your loved one.


  1. I love you leslie!!! your blog is amazing, i am so impressed, the photos are wonderful and the writing is clever and engaging! I can't wait to try some of your recipes!!!

    lots of love and food solidarity,
    Bianca Vibeita

  2. love you too bianca! thanks for taking the time to read my blog and comment. i'm so glad you like it. :) smoothies rock, and so do brunch and vibeitas! ;)xoxoxo