Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Treading softly ...

When I was in high school, I had this wonderful English teacher that always used to tell me to speak up. I'm shy in nature and pretty timid when it comes to trying new things. At the time, I found it so embarrassing when, in the middle of my answer, my teacher would say "Now, can everyone hear Leslie back there?" It mortified me back then, but as an adult, I have come to realize that all he wanted was for me to express myself with confidence. I still have trouble with that today, but perhaps writing this little blog will help.

I should say that I only recently started reading food blogs, and have now become a addicted to quite a few, namely kickpleat's Everybody Likes Sandwiches and tara's Seven Spoons. I found it so inspiring that regular people were taking the time to document their kitchen experiences and share so many wonderful recipes with the world. It inspired me so much that now, in the middle of March break when I can finally breathe without worrying about who needs a pencil, or who will want help after school, I'm finally gathering up the nerve to start my own little blog about food.

So, on with the food! Before I break out the camera (which, folks, I'm afraid I'm still trying to figure out!) and start an official recipe/kitchen experiment post, I'd like to tell you a few ways that food has become very important to me.

My partner, the love of my life, works as a cook for a living and is constantly experimenting and tell me to do the same. He re-kindled my love for green beans and eggplant and introduced me to the wonders of roasted and caramelized onions.

Before I moved out and became TVless, I used to watch Food TV during all my spare time (sometimes alongside my 94 year old, non-English speaking, wonderful grandma!) and try to make some of the baking recipes that were featured (now I watch reruns of those same programs on Youtube .. hey, don't judge!).

As I mentioned above, I'm a public school teacher, and in one of my classes, we have "fruit days." Let me explain. Every Friday, I bring in a piece of fruit and invite anyone in the class to do the same. I cut them up into small pieces and everyone shares it. It's a lovely way to start a Friday and end off a busy week. Hooray for Fruit Days!

And last but not least, I need to mention the importance of brunch and coffee. Some of my most treasured moments spent with my very best friend have been over scrambled eggs, cafe mochas and homefries. Everything from "Oh my God, where should I go to school next year," to "What are we going to do for your birthday?" was discussed. Important decisions were made, rants, ideas and laughs were shared, and friendship was sustained.

As you all know, food has so much more meaning than we give it credit for, and my tribute to all the lovely ways food as infiltrated itself into my life, is to show everyone all these ways through this blog. So here we go ...

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